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United or Seperated AP

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1. Politics on the name of region or religion is inhuman. Don"t entertain....Hindu-Muslim united or divided, Telangana-Andhra united or divided....how does it matter with no development and corruption.
2. Isolating the development to one city capital is pathetic for all states.
3. Diversification of investments for the development of agriculture and multiple small cities shall help us to stay near... to our dear ones and help them in their old age.
4. It is not the city Hyderabad generating income but it is the people of India working in Hyd generating iome.
5. People of AP/ India have the potential like Rajnikant- Hero in Narsimha movie and can start building better cities and better place to live in.....Miracles always happen just need to keep faith in us.
6. Stop Rally and bandh for separated or united state. One politician might do it for power and the other to protect investments but the impact is on civilians livelihood.....

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: brother2

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