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Before I settle with the decision of seperate Telangana, a new agitation of seperated Andhra,,,,

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Today a bill has been in place for the seperate statehood of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh, I don"t know the benefit of seperate state as along as it is not an union territory and in the rule of goverment of India. However, enjoyment for some and apathy for some.

It might be political decision which I never understand but I am thinking is it going to have any change in my life as along as the people don"t unite against corruption or bribe and I never understand why there is no political party - Anit-Corruption Rastra Samithi...

OK..I understand that there is no change to my life being in Telangana or the other part of the same state or any where in the same country. Afterall, we are living in a global place where we have the liberty to go and live as per our own decision. Why do we need to unite or divide for the purpose of political driven ambitions? Hmm, not my concern as long as it has no change to our lives...

Before I settle and understand the decision of seperate telangana, a new agitation of seperate andhra from rayalaseema started for another political benifit and a new party to be announced mostly - Andhra Rastra Samithi...

How does it matter to us...? start ignoring is the only solution.

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