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Julayi is entertaining

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Julayi is entertaining and has all the commercial elements to be successful at box office.

Movie starts with a robbery creating rivalry between the Arjun and Sonu. In reality there is NO hero or Villain in the movie, Idealistic movie with two characters Arjun and Sonu interestingly written in the same way with no difference except that Arjun has songs and more screen time and dominating role. End is as expected with surprise elements with simple wrap up.

Director Trivikram is definitely back with a bang at box office.

Arjun is OK, he has given better performances in earlier movies. Sonu is great as usual. Ileana has done her best to justify the character and her unglamorous role with outmatching performance shall impress the audience..:-)

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: brother2

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