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Eega Movie is missing entertainment factor?

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Eega has good collections at box office but it won"t last long more than a week. Most of the crowd pulled to the theaters are because of the hype review given and because of the brand Rajamouli...

The fact is that Eega is just an OK movie with missing entertainment factor and definitely not one of the best movies of Rajamouli. It is there in news that collections are already dropped in B & C centers and it would definitely fall from second week from A centers as the movies watchers of first week multiplex mostly go by the reviewers.

Eega is well animated movie but is very much lagging in entertainment on which the movies runs at box office. There is nothing feel like new in the background movie or story. Surprisingly, the tempo factor from Rajamouli movies is missing in this movie.

Note: Don"t watch movies based on the movie reviews, just watch and promote your voice...

Courtesy, Source, References & Regards: brother2

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